Join Joia Beach and The Lost Explorer to Celebrate This Year’s Earth Day

In honor of this year’s Earth Day, Joia Beach Miami beach club is partnering with The Lost Explorer Mezcal to celebrate the holiday and raise awareness for our planet. In our ongoing efforts to achieve a more sustainable venue and planet, Joia Beach is joining the prized mezcal’s initiative to do our part to become more sustainable and support The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s mission.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s commitment to the earth is expressed in its reverence for nature and its holistic and deep embodiment of sustainability in its production and holds itself to the highest sustainability standards. With a vision to constantly raise the bar for the industry at large, every small batch of handcrafted mezcal is truly a celebration of the earth, which is incorporated in every step of their process: from celebrating the age of each agave plant at harvesting, to the way they cook their mezcal using reclaimed wood, to energy and water conservation initiatives, through to their promotion of biodiversity, the use of recycled crystal glass, biodegradable cork stoppers and natural beeswax.

The Lost Explorer’s production is a study in sustainable practices, with solar panels installed in their agave fields to create renewable energy, ambitious biodiversity practices with at least three agave plants replenished for each one used, agave waste processed into fertilizer for the land, agave waste upcycled into reusable copitas, and agave cooked according to artisanal methods and with local reclaimed wood.

Through their partnership with the Voice for Nature Foundation, the mezcal has committed to annual contributions to local Oaxacan projects, empowering consumers to support these initiatives with every sip of mezcal. This year’s projects include:

Isla Urbana

  • Support installation of rainwater harvesting systems in remote Oaxacan communities to provide access to clean water


  • Mexico has one of lowest female labor force participation rates in LATAM, with only 16% of businesses being female led. Our partnership will support Sikanda’s “Mujeres Ave” program through “Make Your Business Grow Seed Capital Funding’ by providing essential supplies & equipment to women-led businesses

Maestro Noel Martinez

  • Oaxaca remains the most impoverished state in Mexico, resulting in many young people leaving to seek decent work elsewhere. Master Noel Martinez was a renowned artisan, craftsman & community leader who established an artisan residency center to house young families, while teaching them a variety of artisanal skills & craft. The Lost Explorer’s partnership will help Master Noel supply free tool kits to participants, enabling them to become self-sufficient & earn a living through their newfound craft.

In partnership with the Lost Explorer, Joia Beach Miami restaurant has both an exclusive mezcal flight experience and a specialty cocktail on offer. The Sun Kissed cocktail, which features The Lost Explorer Espadín, Aperol, Ancho Reyes Verde, lime juice, and the flight experience served in agave copitas and alongside exclusive Sipping Curiously notebooks with sustainability credentials and writing space for guests to take home as keepsakes.

Make your next dinner on the water good for the soul and good for the planet in honor of Earth Day 2022 with these special offerings from The Lost Explorer and our beach bar.

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