Company Bio:

Samuel David, Founder and Executive Director: At AQUAVITA we believe in simple pleasures. Our unwavering desire for a slower more deliberate existence inspired us and this belief is infused into the fabric of our brand. Our philosophy is centered around beautiful moments. We hope to delight and inspire our wearers to enjoy more beautiful moments in their own lives by designing accessible, versatile beachwear from Italy that evokes inner beauty and reverence for life.

Tell us a little about AQUAVITA and its style:

Hanna Gotz, Designer: We are all about creating beautiful moments and savoring life’s simple pleasures. In particular, we enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, trying different cuisines and of course, wearing beautiful, timeless clothing.

What inspired you to get into fashion?

Samuel David, Founder and Executive Director: Growing up, I was always immersed in fashion. My parents owned retail boutiques, many of my friends’ parents owned boutiques, and other relatives of mine owned shoe stores. It was not appealing to me. I did not actually enjoy the industry at all until my father asked me to help him run his swimwear distribution company. I began to travel frequently, forge incredible relationships with the buyers, and learn the trends. I realized I had a knack for selling. At that moment I decided to launch my own brand and fill a gap in our market. We actually began predominantly as a swimwear company and then evolved into a beachwear apparel brand.

Who is your favorite designer of the moment and why?

Hanna Gotz, Designer: We recently had the opportunity to meet with the talented Silvia Cobos and I absolutely love her line of women’s shoes. Her line is handmade in Colombia and complements our pieces beautifully.

Can you describe your perfect outfit and what makes it the best?

Hanna Gotz, Designer: The perfect outfit will always be something you can easily and effortlessly throw on and go. It evokes confidence and comfort and you feel amazing wearing it. This ‘hybrid’ outfit, as I like to call it, would ideally be something that can be worn to brunch then to dinner and drinks. Our Marisa and Amalea mini dresses are ideal transitional pieces.

Where do you think fashion is heading next?

Hanna Gotz, Designer: We’ve been indoors for so long now that we feel fashion will shift to going out, being amongst friends, while still being elevated, comfortable and easy to wear. Bold colors and statement details are an important addition.

What’s your perfect Miami night?

Samuel David, Founder and Executive Director: A perfect Miami night involves a fun dinner with friends overlooking the exquisite Miami skyline at Joia Beach followed by some dancing in the Joia Beach Lounge to one of the talented house DJs. If there’s still some energy left in the tank, Lagniappe is a no-brainer for live music, Astra in Wynwood is fun and located on a rooftop and features splendid city views. Do Not Sit On The Furniture is worth a mention as well, as this cozy yet sophisticated nightclub is a hidden Miami Beach gem. It features some of the best guest house DJs around, not to mention the setting is impeccable.

Favourite quote to live by?

Samuel David, Founder and Executive Director: Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

Why do you think AQUAVITA and Joia Beach go so well together?

Hanna Gotz, Designer: Joia Beach is where ‘AQUABABES’ go to enjoy the day into the wee hours of the night dressed in their favorite AQUAVITA pieces. It’s THE ideal place to lounge, dine, relax, dance, and socialize with friends, which makes our clothing line a perfect fit for Joia Beach.

Joia Beach - Aquavita