Tell us a little about Montce and its style?

Montce’s style is primarily focused on flattering the female body. The way a piece hugs and accentuates the form is especially important to us; and not only one type of form, as Montce aspires to cater to a variety of body types. We offer several styles of bikinis that can strike interest across both youthful and mature clientele. Our next priority is providing stand out prints, textures, and colors for casual beach days to intimate boat parties, and vacation stays at holiday resorts.

What inspired you to get into fashion?

I have loved to dress up since I was a child. I enjoy the diversity and am open to ideas on how to play with different colors and styles. More importantly, I love how finding the perfect outfit can make you feel!

Who is your favorite designer of the moment and why?

I’m really into Australian brands right now, Aje is one of my favourites. They are dedicated to tough femininity and effortless cool!

Can you describe your perfect outfit and what makes it the best?

I love basic- I live in denim matched with a basic tee and oversized blazer. Toe boots + I Iove to add a hat if I can find one that will fit me 🙂

Where do you think fashion is heading next?

To me, fashion is always moving in two directions: comfortability and edge. I think designers are considering comfortability through the lens of not only how it feels on the body, but how it translates to comfortable living and sustainability. On one hand, fashion is becoming more earthy and on the other hand, there’s a futuristic interest emerging. In that regard, fashion becomes an expression of technological advancement.

What’s your perfect Miami night?

I love to meet up with my friends, have amazing food and drinks at Joia Beach or Casa Tua, and end the night at Saxony or Tea Room for a night cap.

Favourite quote to live by?

“Even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night.” -Gwendolyn Brooks

Joia Beach - Emily Huard Montce