The Best Live Music & DJs in Miami - Joia Beach

Klaudie Roberts

Czech born Klaudie Roberts (previous Klaudie Kovac) gained an interest in music at six years old, when she picked up the violin and played in an orchestra throughout her teen years.

DJ Jay Sample

From a young age, DJ Jay Sample knew that music would be a big part of his life. Drawing early inspiration from legendary DJs and producers such as Tony Humphries, Larry Levan and DJ Red Alert...

Georgia Mafia

In everything she does, Georgia Luzi, offers a unique and memorable experience. In addition to DJing, Luzi Georgia has deep knowledge in the arts, hospitality, fashion, and blockchain, crypto & NFT industries.

Waae Music

Waae [we are all equal] looms from an ideal of love and equality amongst all. As such values are the core of what represent Jorge’s music, he strives to spread a no-hate mantra through his music.

Ella Wild

I started DJing back in 2016. What drew me in weren’t really artists I aspired to but the connection they had with the crowd and the positive energy they transpired.

Diego Ciaramella

I started DJing in the early 90s, with my early influencers stemming from hip hop and R&B. I was first inspired by Grandmaster Flash and DJ Shadow then by MAW and house music.