The Culinary Team and Philosophy at Joia Beach Restaurant & Beach Club
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Peter tsaglis, joined joia beach as the executive chef early 2023. he has undergone a transformation that blends classic greek culinary techniques with a touch of modern Miami flair. He made his mark on the miami dining scene helming the kitchens and creating menus for some of the most famed restaurants in miami, bringing his expertise and culinary philosophies to joia beach club miami.
Joia Beach - lunch and dinner menus using inspiration and techniques from Asian, Mediterranean, and South American regions

Originating from Greece, Chef Tsaglis honed his craft at the esteemed National School of Tourism Professions in Rhodes, and later refined his skills under the guidance of distinguished chefs in Athens. His culinary odyssey led him to New York City and the Hamptons in 2012, before his eventual voyage to Miami.

Since joining the team at Joia Beach, Tsaglis has artfully woven his professional journey and expertise into the tapestry of the restaurant. Drawing inspiration from his European heritage and Greek roots, he has introduced a fresh culinary perspective while also embracing dietary considerations.