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Paradise Social

available wednesday - friday 4-6pm on the beach and at the bar only

no reservations required

paradise found

all $8

Prosecco Valdo Number 1

Whiter Hills Sauvignon Blanc

Croteaux 3 Rose

Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon

Pure Joia Cocktail

don julio reposado tequila, lime juice, pineapple puree, ancho reyes, ilegal mezcal float


sauvignon blanc, grey goose vodka


olmeca altos plata tequila, ginger, lemon, cucumber, mint

Modelo Beer ($4)


all $10

Mediterranean Spread

olives, feta cheese, tulum cheese, salami, cornichons

Gambas al Ajillo

four pieces

Grilled Turkish Soujouk

Hummus or Tzatziki Dip with Pita ($6)

* Consuming raw or under cooked meets, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness – especially if you have certain medical conditions – there is risk associated with consuming raw oysters – if  you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach, blood or have immune disorders, you are at greater risk of serious illness from raw oysters, and should eat oysters fully cooked – if unsure of your risk, consult a physician – please alert your server to any food allergies – automatic service charge of 18% will be added – regrettably no substitutions allowed

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